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Howtan Re supports the ecologist cause with six works made with scrap materials: transistor, electrical wiring, glass, wood, tin cans, cigarettes covering giants letters made of galvanized aluminium.

The artist lends its name to the enviromental mavement, stressing the importance of personal involvement of everyone to safe the Planet.

HACKER, OUTPUT, WAITING, TRASH, ANGRY, NEGLECT: HOWTAN played with the letter of his name by highlighting the close relationship between our lifestyle and the production of waste.

The artist encourages global awarness about the issue environmental sustainability that sinks its roots in the awareness of the impact that each of us has on the enviroment and the consequent assumption of personal responsability towards the planet and the future generations .

The trash we produce today  it will survive ourselves.

Each letter is accompanied by a provocative related expiration date, in terms of disposal, the longevity of the materials that cover it.

With “Alphabet” Howtan speaks to the present and at the same time writes metaphorically a message to the future, for generations yet to come,  hoping and suggesting  a lifestyle turnaround that can minimize the devastating effects of pollution on Earth.

The letters are erected in the middle of a big empty space showing with their 2.5 meters height the importance and magnitude of the enviromental issue that should attract the attention of everyone.

If its name becomes the artist’s proof of a personal involvement in supporting the global eco-culture affirmation, the surname RE introduces three overtones imperatives that globally and ideally accompany  the reading of this work: REduce, REuse, REcycle. Resonating in the mind as heartfelt exhortations addressed to the World

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