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H³'s heads are places in which the soul express itself blending rational thoughts and emotions and creating something new and real that can be hand over to the future.
With H³ Howtan celebrates and refuses at the same stage the concept of personality: the faces lose their somatic characteristics in favor of materialized ideas and feelings.
H³ celebrates distinguished positive personalities belonging to different sectors and countries ( hosting the exhibition) and hits sharply with his desecrating, stinging and keen representations the worse dictators and criminals of all the times.
An high-tech, dynamic and striking mounting with audio-video contents has been especially designed to exhibit H³'s artworks providing the public with a unique experience of sensory synesthesia.
Watching the reality through the imagination's filter, recognizing the extraordinary into the ordinary, contemplating with wonder the unconscious beauty released by the soul, reflected and projected to the future by thousand little and shining crystals: this is the invitation that Howtan address to his public on one hand.
H³ is overtaking of a limit, the materialization of a dream. Howtan overtakes in fact the two-dimensional limit established by the film and leads to a third dimension in which he can give substance at his thoughts, visions and points of view. Howtan moves further the boarders of reality and take pictures of moments and characters belonging to a dreamy and secret world, penetrable and perceptible only in fleeting instant in which the soul floats between fancy and reality.
Howtan Re with his H³ exhibition offers to the public a unique mixture of art, history and culture supporting at the same stage the environmental issue and the recycling culture. H³’s artworks provide even the young generation with an opportunity to approach the history in different and suggestive way.

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